Howdy Freaks,

It’s Biswajit here from howto-fitness.com . here at this site I help people in achieving their fitness goals. In such a busy world today fitness and workouts have come to lighten our soul. It’ll not only help us in getting fit day by day,but will also help us in handling the immense stress of today’s world. It’s about time we say Goodbye to obeseness and live a disease free life.

My Mission

Though This blog I’ll try to provide you with the blueprint to fit & healthy living. My mission is to help each and every single people in becoming the best version of themselves. I’ll try to empower anyone at any age in their fitness journey by providing the correct plan and information. I’ll try my level best to make fitness anyone’s burning desire. In case If you feel like i can help you in any possible way, please feel free to contact me I’ll Guide you through everything personally without a single penny of charge. I love helping and interacting with people.

My Fitness Journey,

My fitness journey started 4 years ago,at the age of 15 when i was 5.5″ and weighted 110 lbs. I was so frustrated about my physique. I was just too lean and I hated looking at my body. Then I Got Inspired by looking at some random bodybuilders at a bodybuilding show i went. And I though of starting my own fitness journey and that one small better choise motivated me and improved my potential to truly thrive. And I wish this to happen to everyone who feel unsecured of their body. Just Find a reason to improve yourself. I’ll be there to help out each and every single of you.

Thank You,

Name:-Biswajit Bhattacharjee