Bodybuilding Diet: Best diet for lean bulking

Howdy, fitness lovers! welcome to Today I would like to share with you guys a full day diet plan for lean bulking so called bodybuilding diet. Now one point to be noted here is that some foods that I’ll be listing here might not suit you or you may not be comfortable eating them. So you can go ahead and find a likely replacement for that food. Now first i’ll suggest you go and get your bmi calculated. and then multiply that result with 1.8 and whatever the result will be thats gonna be your daily calorie intake. So here we go.

1) Meal 1

So, in our first meal we’ll have 2-3 bananas along with half scoop of whey protein(15 gm) and don’t forget to take enough of water in morning. this will kick start your metabolism for the day. This will give you:

Protein:-14-15 gm, Carbohydrate:-64 gm, fat:-1.4 gm

2) Meal 2.

In breakfast We’ll have 100 gm of oatmeal along with 6 eggs(4 egg whites and 2 whole eggs). Make sure you’re eating a lot of protein rich foods at breakfast. This meal will contain:

Protein:-35 gm, carbohydrate:-70 gm, fat:-18 gm.

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3) Meal 3.

In lunch our primary focus will be on protein. So at lunch We’ll have 300 gm of chicken breast(quick recipe for making boiled chicken tasty), 100 gm of tofu and a good quality yogurt. This meal will have:

protein:-104 gm, carbohydrate:-7 gm, fats:-11 gm.

4) Meal 4 (Pre-Workout meal)

In pre-workout meal we’ll have carbs and protein only. Protein because you want your body to be in anabolic state during workout protein has amino acids and that amino acid provides muscle breakdown, and carbohydrate will work as fuel, It will get stored in muscles as muscle glycogen. Make sure you’re not taking any fat in your pre workout meal b’cuz fat will make our digestion slow, and we don’t want food sitting in your stomach. So, another half scoop of whey protein along with 100 gm of oats will be great. Nutrients of this meal will be:-

protein:-23 gm, carbohydrate:- 65 gm, fats:-6 gm(negligible).

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5) Meal 5 (Post-Workout meal)

In post workout meal you wanna provide your body with everything it needs to recover. A scoop of whey protein in must along with some good crab source like banana apple or any kinda food that’s fast digesting. And again don’t include fat in post workout meal since it’ll directly effect the speed of digestion. A god post workout meal should contain:

protein:-30-35 gm, carbohydrate:-50-60 gm.

6) Meal 6 (Dinner)

Now this meal should be really easy and simple. In my case i take nothing but just 100 gm of almonds or peanuts, you can choose the one you like.This meal will have:

protein:-25 gm,carbohydrate:-22 gm,fat:-50 gm.

Recommended supplements(Bodybuilding Diet):

whey protein, BCAA(during workout), Creatine(Post-Workout), Omega 3(before sleep), CLA(for fat burning)

That should make a great bodybuilding diet for you guys.

was the article helpful? Let me know in the comment section. For any further information feel free to contact me personally i would love to help u out. Thanks for reading.


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