How To Lose Leg Fat: lose leg fat in 4 weeks

“summers approaching how do I look good in shorts?.How do i get rid of of all these extra fat from my legs?””how to lose leg fat? . That’s the sort of question fitness trainers gets asked quite often. And a valid question too.

See the majority of people bust their ass in the gym trying to achieve their desired figure, Without knowing the needs for those exercises. And they end u achieving nothing. So here are the 4 exercises that’ll help you not only in getting good looking leg but will also help you in making them stronger as well.

1) Squats

If you are wondering about How To Lose Leg Fat then this will be your go to exercise. The more you can squat, the more powerful and shapely legs you’ll get. And squats will take a lot of calories out of your body since it includes the use of all of your lower body muscles including your abdominal section. So do at-least 2-3 sets of squats with 10-12 reps each.

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2) Hip Bridges

Hip bridges: How To Lose Leg Fat

Hip Bridges is one of the common and powerful exercise for losing thigh fat. This workout on only hits your butt but it also involves the use of your stomach and back which indeed making it a high calorie burning exercise. Again do this workout for 3-4 sets. In case if you don’t know how to do it visit here.

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3) Lunges


Lunges are one of the top 3 compound movements for the legs it targets the whole leg muscles including your hamstring and gluts. This will improve the flexibility of your hips and legs. In case you are short on time and can’t perform all the mentioned exercises I’ll recommend you going with this one only for 2-3 sets 10-12 repetition each.

4) Leg Lifts

leg raises

Doing leg lifts will increase blood flow through your legs and will decrease inflammation at the same time. It will improve hamstring mobility & most importantly it reduces stress & you’ll get a felling of relaxation after doing it. Again 2-3 steps of 10-15 leg lifts should be fine.

5) Mountain Climbing (how to lose leg fat )

mountain climbing

Mountain Climber works like hell for your full body. It burns a lot of calories in a quick span of time. Its a multi-joint exercise it targets nearly every part pf your body like hamstring,chest,abdominal,triceps,squads and pretty much every part you can think of. so, I’ts truly a killer full body workout!


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