Muscle Building Foods: Best foods for muscle gain

Muscle improves your weight-maintenance and boost your physical stamina. Muscles also improves your physical appearance and helps you in getting rid of all those unwanted fat. But unfortunately most people don’t understand the important part that nutrition plays in building muscles, many guys belief that exercising alone will give them their desired muscular physique. Keeping that thing in mind here I’ve prepared a list of top 5 Muscle Building Foods.

This foods on combining with good workout plan will produce great results in quick span of time, Make sure none of the following foods is missing from your daily diet.

1) Eggs

eggs,Muscle Building Foods

An egg is one of the most complete and versatile food available.It’s the food with the highest biological value,the best that a human body can absorb. And. And please get over the fact that egg yolks increase cholesterol. Recent study’s have shown that consuming egg yolks doesn’t increase cholesterol and surely it doesn’t lead to heart problems. And additionally egg is the only food that contains pretty much every nutrient you can think of. For best results one can have 8-10 eggs(3-4 whole and 5-6 egg whites). A whole egg contains 6-7 gm of protein making it one of the the best Muscle Building Foods.

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2) Salmon

salmon, Muscle Building Foods

Salmon’s are rich in protein as well as in omega 3 which reduces the breakdown of muscle protein. Omega 3 enables enables your body to restore protein rather than gradually acquiring more over a period. Omega 3 also helps in repairing and building muscle tissue faster. The protein content in salmon is 23 gm per 100 gm serving. One can easily have 200-300 gm of salmon per day. Here’s a quick recipe for making tasty salmon.

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3) Walnuts (Or any type of nuts)

If you’re too skinny and find it very difficult to pun on some weight, I swear nuts are gonna be your best friend, Since a very little serving of it will provide you with massive amount calories . They are high in poly UN-saturated fat which helps in the improving cardiovascular health. And the best thing about them is that they are pocket friendly. You can take them anywhere you go and have them as food Reserve. a 30 gm serving of nuts will has 8 gm of protein and 15 gm of healthy fat. They are one of the best Muscle Building Foods.

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4) Chicken Breast

chicken breast, Muscle Building Foods

By chicken I mean chicken breast not any other part of it. Our goal is to find muscle building food, and chicken breast is the best source of lean protein. 100 gm serving of chicken breast has approximately 30 gm protein and doesn’t contain any fat or carbohydrate at all. And this makes chicken Brest a much have food during cutting phase. 200-300 gm of chicken per day is considered healthy. Here’s a quick recipe for making boiled chicken tasty.

5) Oats

oats, Muscle Building Foods

One of the best available source of carbohydrate. They are gluten free whole grain and helps in weight loss, muscle gain and reduces the risk of heart disease. And the best part about it is that it requires no cooking at all you can mix it with protein shakes,water and yogurt too. It lowers bad cholesterol and protects LDL from damage.

Recommended Muscle Building Supplements:

Whey protein(for high quality protein), BCAA(Prevent Muscle Breakdown) Creatine(Before Workout For strength), Omega 3(Healthy fatty acid helps in fat loss), CLA(Best Fat loss supplement).

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