Shoulder Workouts: Hit Your Shoulders Scientifically

Hey fitness freaks,looking for some great Shoulder workouts huh?? Guess what brothers? you’re at the right place..

Shoulder’s are one of the top most attractive male body part ranked by women’s.

So, this makes it a must read article for all those dudes who are craving for some attention. With a pair broad and sexy looking shoulders you’re sure to get any women’s eye at you. And this article is guaranteed to help with that.

Now that you seem to be convinced to build those sexy looking shoulders. Let’s see how we can achieve our goal real quick.

Though this article I’ll share with you the best possible (scientific) knowledge about our shoulder muscle’s, and how we should go about training ’em. So, let’s jump right into our shoulder workouts.

But Before initiating:-

A quick look at out Shoulder Or Deltoid muscles

Unlike triceps (‘tri’= three heads) or biceps (‘bi’=two heads) muscles the deltoid is made up of 3 different muscle groups

shoulder muscles anatomy
  1. Anterior Deltoid (Red region)
  2. Medial Deltoid (Green region)
  3. Posterior or rear Deltoid (Blue region)

Now with the anatomy out of the way, Let’s focus more on customizing the shoulder workouts plan that’s sure to hit all parts of the Deltoid muscle.

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1) Military Press (Barbell or dumbbell)

shoulder workouts
shoulder workouts

Targeted Region: Anterior & Medial Deltoid.

Sets: 4-5 Reps: 8-10.

2) Dumbbell Flyes

shoulder workouts
shoulder workouts

Targeted Region: Medial Deltoid.

Sets: 4-5 Reps: 8-10.

3) Seated Dumbbell Press

shoulder workouts

Targeted Region: Anterior Deltoid.

Sets: 4-5 Reps: 8-10.

4) Bent Over Dumbbell Lateral Raise

shoulder workouts

Targeted Region: Rear or Posterior Deltoid.

Sets: 4-5 Reps: 8-10.

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5) One Arm Reverse Cable Flyes

shoulder workouts

Targeted Region: Posterior Deltoid.

Sets: 4-5 Reps: 8-10.

And that concludes our shoulder workout.

*NOTE (shoulder workouts)

Now with the workout stuff out of the way i gotta mention one simple technique that a lot of you probably know by now, and i.e the two different ways of approaching any compound workout.

  1. HIGH Weight LOW Reps such as 5-8 reps per set. OR
  2. LOW Weight HIGH Reps such as 12-15 reps per set.

The first one is preferably the best for both muscle and strength gain. And is quite similar to the most famous 5*5 training principle that most of you have already heard of..and in case you didn’t i highly suggest you to go and acquire knowledge about it.


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